For bridal pricing please read the fine print under the "Wedding Pricing" section of our site for all questions related to wedding services.  All other questions are answered in this section.

What type of foundation do you use?

We use the Dinar Pro airbrush makeup systems. This is the only foundation we use and we LOVE it! This is long lasting makeup that lasts 12+ hours depending on the client's skin and environment. Airbrush makeup never feels heavy or looks caked on.  If you have had bad experience with airbrush makeup before then most likely you were given a poorer quality brand, which clogged, up your skin.  You will not be disappointed in our airbrush makeup. Our makeup can be applied sheer or full coverage.  We will assess how much coverage you need depending on your skin condition.

Do you offer lashes?

Yes, we have our own line of Blush and Glow mink and synthetic lashes, which you will see at your consultation. Our clients can choose from those.

Do you offer extensions?

Yes, we use 100% Remy clip in extensions.  Our extensions are custom colored for each client.  Clients keep their extensions and can use them for years afterwards. Our extensions are heavy gram, natural looking and heat stylable.  We do not use lower quality extensions as they can damage our styling tools.  If clients have their own extensions we must first see them to determine if they are truly heat stylable. Many lower priced extensions claim to be heat stylable but are not properly treated and will leave a coating on our styling tools.

Do you blow dry hair?

We do not offer blowouts in studio or on location. Our expertise lies in styling hair and we need the full time for hair dressing to achieve a flawless finish. Hair must be completely dry, oil free and clean before we arrive. 

We do NOT like "day old, dirty" hair. The idea that unwashed, dirty hair is better for hair styling is not true. If you have oily roots or dirty hair we cannot achieve the desired volume and hair will fall flat.  Please wash out ALL oil from your hair.  And honestly, wouldn't you feel cleaner if you washed your hair!

Do you offer saree dressing for South Asian brides?

No, we do not. We only offer dupatta pinning for brides for an additional charge. Dupatta pinning can take up to 30 mins depending on how heavy and intricate the dupatta is. This service will need to be purchased ahead of time and built in to the schedule. Dupatta pinning is only offered to brides. Bridal party and family who need dupatta pinning or saree dressing must find a separate vendor to do their dressing.

Please note, we are not professional dressers or pleaters for South Asian wardrobes. We pin the bridal dupatta in a beautiful manner that compliments that bride and her look. Our method of securing the dupatta on the head will keep it in place and will also feel confortable for brides. The cost associated with bridal dupatta pinning is for our time.

Where do you take appointments?

The 2 hour bridal hair and makeup trial is done in our Heights area studio.  The on location consultation counts a 1X service under the bridal rates section (extra travel may apply depending on the location). Many brides prefer this, as they are able to show us their gowns in the comfort of their home.

For the in studio trial you may only bring 1 guest with you and we ask that brides follow this request. This is to ensure that our bride gets our full attention and is able to make her own choices on her look without too many outside influences.

How far in advance should we book you?

We book Bridal appointments 1 -  2 years in advance.  Our Master Artists are highly sought after in the industry so any bookings need to be completed in advance to secure them for your wedding date.  Please email us at beauty@blushandglow.com to secure your artist!

What does the 2-hour trial entail?

At your consultation we will try out 1 hair and 1 makeup look. Brides often want to try out their Reception look as that is the most glamorous of all their looks. We can discuss the other looks, however we need to keep this within a 5 min discussion, as we need the full 2 hours for the hair and makeup.

If you need dupatta pinning for any events please bring the dupatta(s) to the consultation so we may see if any special pinning is needed.

How do I book my event date and times?

Weddings and all other events are booked on a first pay basis. To book and have either Master Artists Anita or Artee scheduled for your events we require a 50% deposit of the total contracted services. Additional services may be added on later as long as artists are free and the schedule permits.

Due to the demand of our business and the fact that we are on location 90% of the time we cannot return phone calls right away. Please send us a message via the "Contact Us" section of our webpage with your event dates, total services needed, times you need to be dressed and ready, and locations and we will get back to you faster with availability.

Is the deposit refundable?

Like most vendors, the deposit is not refundable. As highly sought after hair and makeup artists we block out your time(s) and date(s) and we do not book other appointments during that time.  This ensures you will have a master artist available.  This also protects us from clients that ask us to hold their wedding date but then cancel later.

Additionally, if there are cancellations after the deadline to notify in the contract specified (30 days before the first event) full payment of the remaining contracted balance will be owed to Blush and Glow. Again, this is needed as we block out our time for you and will not book other clients during the times specified in your contract.

Final payment must be paid in full 2 weeks before the event.

How long does the hair and makeup last?

Our makeup lasts 12+ hours depending on the environment and conditions. Brides who are getting married outdoors in humid beachy climates may require touch ups sooner than indoor wedding clients. This is also dependent on your skin condition and whether your skin is oily or dry. We use makeup sealers throughout and anti-humidity hair products when needed.

Our brides also get a touch up kit with a gloss sample (or a full size BG Cosmetics lip gloss if purchased at a discount) and a mirror for lip touch ups. You will not need a powder touch up with our method of makeup application, however, if you have extremely oily skin or are getting married outdoors you may use oil blotting sheets to dab your face.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, credit cards with tax added, bank transfer and Venmo.  We do not accept Paypal. Full payment for weddings must be received 2 weeks before the first event date. For add-ons the day of we accept cash only.

Do you offer discounts?

Brides are automatically given a discounted rate per event when they book a 2X or more packages for hair and makeup. This can be seen under the Wedding Pricing section. We also offer brides, who are using certain select wedding planners that Blush and Glow works closely with, an additional discount off of the bridal services only.

We do not offer additional discounts. The term "you get what you pay for" is truly seen in our services and no bride is left unhappy with their look. While we understand weddings are expensive, we keep our prices in line with the current market for high-end makeup and hair companies that provide on location services with HD airbrush makeup. We travel with a lot of equipment and our services are worth the cost to look flawless for this once in a lifetime event!

Why is the trial extra?

Our artists spend a long time perfecting your hair and makeup look.  They work very hard, standing on their feet the whole time to make sure our clients are completely satisfied and happy. The amount of time they spend and the total look they create is a full hair and makeup look.

Do you offer lashes only, eyes only, touch up only services?

No, we do not.  To book a Blush and Glow artist you must book a full face, hair, or combo service.